A Network for Doctoral Researchers

A Network for the Future of Science

About us

N² unites more than 15.000 doctoral researchers of Germany’s non-university research organizations to discuss the future of science – its working conditions, career perspectives and impact on society.

In March 2017 the Spokespersons of Max Planck PhDnet, Helmholtz Juniors and Leibniz PhD Network released the official letter to create a platform of “Network of Networks”​ called N². This platform is by now an established focal point promoting every topic concerning doctoral researchers.

N² is not affiliated with any political party, but we are open for exchange with political stakeholders dealing with science policy.

100% payment

We advocate 100% payment for full working hours

4 year contracts

Many data suggest that a PhD on average take about 4 years to complete. Therefore we demand a 4 year contract for all doctoral researchers.

Abolish Stipends

We advocated for financing of doctoral researchers with contracts including social benefits and no stipends.

Prevent Power Abuse

Reduce dependencies of early career scientists from supervisors.

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